SMOKEA Single Tree Perc Bong


These bongs are made to percolate and built to last! The SMOKEA Single Tree Perc Bong features all the technology you need in one compact and affordable piece. This bong stands approximately 12" tall and includes an ice catcher, four arm tree perk, a 14mm/18mm diffused downstem and a 14mm matching bowl. These are our most affordable water pipes featuring a percolator.

  • Cool Your Smoke with the Ice Catcher
  • Diffused Downstem for and Added Level of Filtration
  • Tree Percolator for Extreme Percolation
  • Colored Accents
  • Height: 12"
  • Joint: 14mm Female

NOTE: This is an individually handcrafted art piece. Exact details/accessories/colors may vary slightly.