SMOKEA "Jet Stream" Inline Jet Perc Ball Rig


This Jet Perc Ball Rig from SMOKEA is a bubble-making machine. The inline jet percolator provides a ton of diffusion for your smoke or vapor resulting in an extremely smooth smoking experience. The indented ball above the jet perc acts as a splashgaurd so you don't get the water from the jet perc up through the bent mouthpiece. This rig also features a banger hanger so you can easily use all your favorite dab accessories. Swap out the included quartz banger with a bowl to use this rig with dry material. Stands 8" tall and available in several colors.

  • Inline Jet Percolator
  • Produces More Bubbles for Better Diffusion
  • Ball Splashguard
  • Banger Hanger
  • Bent Mouthpiece
  • 4mm Thick Quartz Banger Included
  • Available in Several Colors
  • Height: 8"
  • Joint Size: 14mm Female
  • Base Diameter: 3.25"