SMOKEA "Incycler" Internal Recycler Rig

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Introducing the Incycler from SMOKEA. This oil rig is unique in design and has superior function. The concentrate rig features a 14mm finished joint banger hanger into a fixed stem with four holes for extra diffusion. The stem attaches into a built in internal recycler that acts as a splashguard and recycles the water into a vortex back to the bottom of the rig. The SMOKEA Incycler rig also features a flare base that provides solid stability and a bent mouthpiece that sits the banger just far enough for the perfect view. The 14mm male banger is included with the rig so all you need is a dabber, torch and your favorite materials for the perfect smoke session.

  • Built In Internal Recycler
  • Recycler Doubles as Splashguard
  • 14mm Banger Hanger
  • Stemless Design
  • Bent Mouthpiece
  • 14mm Quartz Banger Included
  • Height: 7"
  • Base Diameter: 3.5"