Mathematix Microphone Pendant Pipe


Testing, testing. Introducing the Microphone Pendant Pipe from Mathematix. This USA made pipe is an extremely unique design made to resemble a real (but miniature) microphone. The Microphone Pendant Pipe features a built in glass pendant loop with satin necklace string included. The microphone head is textured with gray glass to look and feel like a real microphone. This pipe features a small pushed in bowl on the underside of the microphone and an all black body with included power button detail. The Microphone Pendant Pipe is the perfect on-the-go pipe for concerts, festivals or camping.

  • Discreet Pendant Pipe
  • Built in Glass Pendant Loop
  • Satin Necklace String Included
  • Black Glass Body with Textured Gray Bowl
  • Mathematix Decal
  • Made in the USA
  • Size: 3.5" x 1.5"

NOTE: This is an individually handcrafted art piece. Exact details, sizes, decals and/or patterns may vary slightly.