Glowfly Glass Mini Honeycomb Dabber Straight Rig


This piece from Glowfly Glass makes a perfect beginner rig for anyone new to using concentrates. It provides everything you need in a rig in a compact, personal size. The honeycomb percolator provides just the right amount of percolation for an enjoyable smoking experience. This dabber rig features a stemless direct inject design so you never have to worry about replacing broken downstems. Glowfly Glass is made with high quality glass right here in the USA.

  • Honeycomb Percolator
  • Straight Trumpet Mouthpiece
  • Stemless, Direct Inject Design
  • Domeless Quartz Nail Included
  • Glowfly Glass Decal
  • Made in the USA
  • Height: 7.5"
  • Joint Size: 14mm Male
  • Base Diameter: 3"
  • Tube Diameter: 50mm

NOTE: Decal color may vary.